Nonpareil Face of the Day: Ryan Hughes

Posted: 01/09/2020 - by Charlie Narmi

Ryan Hughes has more to prove before his career as a Falcon comes to an end.

Hughes, 18, is a Council Bluffs native and a senior at St. Albert High School. He’s been attending St. Albert Catholic Schools since kindergarten. He said...

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Which is the greatest Falcon basketball team of all-time?
1967-1st Season of SA Basketball and Iowa only played 2 classes (20-2)
1975-State Champs (19-6)
1981-Lost in Sub-State Final to Iowa's then career scoring leader in front of 5,500 people (22-1)
1989-State Champs (27-0)
1993-Scored 108pts in Quarters & beat 1st Team All-American in Semi's - Lost in State Final (24-2)
1994-State Runner-Up
2003-State Third-Place
2016-State Runner-Up

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