Football Games of Interest this Week:

Posted: 12/02/2019 - by Charlie Narmi


Cowboys-3.5 at Bears: 7:20pm on FOX

P12: Utah-6.5 vs Oregon: 7pm on ABC


B12: Baylor vs Oklahoma-9.5: 11am on ABC
Louisiana at Appalachian State-6.5: 11am on ESPN
MAC: Miami (OH) vs C. Michigan-6.5: 11am on ESPN2
NAIA Semi: Grand View (Danny Koch) at Morningside: Noon
UNI (Jackson Scott-Brown) at S. Dakota St: 1pm on ESPN+
Cincinnati at Memphis-9.5: 2:30pm on ABC
SEC: Georgia vs LSU-6.5: 3pm on CBS
Mtn. West: Hawai'i at Boise State-14.5: 3pm on ESPN
ACC: Virginia vs Clemson-28.5: 6:30pm on ABC
B10: Ohio State-17.5 vs Wisconsin: 7pm on FOX 

Iowa Western vs Hinds CC at UNI: 11am on 89.7 FM
Ravens-5.5 at Bills: Noon on CBS
Redskins at Packers-13.5: Noon on FOX
Chiefs at Patriots-3.5: 3:30pm on CBS
Seahawks-2.5 at Rams: 7:20pm on NBC


Giants at Eagles-8.5: 7:15pm on ESPN 


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