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Posted: 10/04/2019 - by Charlie Narmi

10-4 Good Buddy,

Today marks the 40th year since then newly elected Pope John Paul II visited Iowa to celebrate Mass: Click here   Tonight on the broadcast we'll invite you to share your stories about the event.  We'll give you the normal shout-out line when it's time.

Save your appetite for the game tonight.  At the concession stand in Corning they have a tremendous ribeye sandwich you'll need to try!

Speaking of concession stands... It's been brought to my attention that the current ladies who have long been staples in the St. Albert Concession Stand are ready to hang it up.  Who can blame them?! This core group of ladies have worked tirelessly for YEARS.  They buy the food, stock the items, make and sell the food and then clean-up when it's over.  The money goes to the Booster Club and then at the end of the day the money goes to activities at St. Albert - uniforms, referee fees, etc.  Word is nearly $30,000 was earned and given to the kids last year!

Soooooooo... The ladies in the concession stand want to train the next batch of volunteers.  They and the school need your help! Maybe you're just interested in helping in a certain sport and that's perfectly fine! However you think you might be able to help, please contact Linda Golwitzer, Norma Finn or Lisa Gronstal to help begin the transition.  Lastly, THANK YOU LADIES!

Speaking of great food... I want to thank Jake Driver and Rustic Cuts Butcher Shop for giving a great deal last week on some amazing ribeyes for our St. Albert Alumni & Friends Auction dinner that we hosted! Rustic Cuts is located down on the South Omaha Bridge Road: Click here

Tonight we'll see which road the Falcons have chosen for the rest of their season.  The easy road of coasting to the finish line or the tough, rocky, uphill road of testing themselves and their Falcon Tradition.  I think they're going to strap it on and get gritty...

Southwest Valley has played the Falcons tough recently and they have a decent team but tonight SA is the one with the chip on their shoulder.

Perfect, crisp night for fall football.  Stinky pads popping and players and fans alike getting to hang with their pals.  Enjoy the ride and small town Friday night Americana...

St. Albert wins 27-21

Charlie Narmi
St. Albert Alumni & Friends President Co-Founder & current volunteer


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