We Kicked Things Off With Style Yesterday Evening

Posted: 08/08/2019 - by Charlie Narmi

~Deacon Vernon Dobelmann~ 

Can you feel the excitement in the room?  That was the primary question running through my mind as I prepared to speak.  We had a gathering yesterday evening in the band room at St. Albert Catholic Schools in which the community was able to hear from the new leadership team at the school.  As the executive director, this was my first real opportunity to share my vision for the school with a wider audience beyond the staff.  I wasn't sure what to expect in regard to turnout, but it was a joy to watch people stream in through the doors as we approached the starting time.  We had set up 75 chairs earlier in the day.  We still ended up with people standing in the back of the room.  Wow!  Thank you to everyone who came.  


The positive energy flowing through the room was almost palpable.  After many years of public speaking, I still get excited when I can see that people are enthused about the message I am sharing.  In that room last night we all shared at least one thing in common--the success of St. Albert Catholic Schools.

I extend my gratitude to the leadership team for all of your hard work in recent weeks.  Your presence at the gathering last night was also deeply appreciated.  It was a long day for several of you because of meetings and commitments during the day prior to the evening gathering.  Then, one of you had to leave very early this morning for diocesan meetings.  Your dedication and commitment is noteworthy.  Please know that the sacrifices you are making do not go unnoticed.  Thank you!




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