Guys and Dolls by Maddie Skinner

Posted: 12/04/2018 - by Spencer Sanchez

By Maddie Skinner

Accipiter Staff Writer

The show must go on. And although the Sunday matinee was canceled due to the snow, the cast of the St. Albert High School musical was able to perform “Guys and Dolls” at two matinees and on a Saturday evening.

This Broadway musical is a romantic comedy full of twists and turns, along with singing and dancing.

The story begins with gamblers in Manhattan, New York, waiting for Nathan Detroit (senior Landry Cormier) to announce where his next crap game will be. The only issue is Detroit doesn’t have the $1,000 to pay to use the Biltmore Garage for the game. So he comes up with a plan. Gambler Sky Masterson (senior Harry Venteicher) is in Nathan’s sights. Nathan bets Masterson $1,000 that he couldn’t get a girl of his choosing to go to Havana with him. Thinking he can make this a sure bet, Nathan chooses virtuous Sarah Brown (sophomore Emma Gardner).

While Masterson manipulates Brown to go to Havana with him, he is falling in love with her for real.

Meanwhile, Detroit deals with troubles in his own heart. His fiancée of 14 years, Miss Adelaide (senior Maggie King), wants to get married.

The show, directed by Ann Coombs with musical director Ellen Tjaden, featured a high school cast of dancers and singers from every grade. 


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