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Posted: 09/14/2018 - by Charlie Narmi

This is going to be short and sweet - still in the clouds from that thrilling volleyball win Thursday night! 

The Falcon Cross Country Team is going to be fun to watch down the stretch. They're starting to get the full team together and when it really matters, they should be solid...

Still a couple of days left to get a team signed up for Alumni & Friends Golf.  Looks like a record crowd this year!!

Good luck to Jackson Scott-Brown this weekend! I remember when I coached him in 7th grade hoops years ago.  It was the first time he had ever made the 'A' team in anything and he was quite happy (and a little nervous maybe too).  Well look at him now! Great lesson for all of our youngsters...

Allie Petry (So) has the chance in a few years to be the best Saintes volleyball player since?? I'll hang up and listen...

And I quote from last week's column, "Throw the records and the line out the window on the way to the game."  Same thing tonight.

Underwood is also 1-2 and they have also played a very tough schedule.  According to local sports accountants, the Eagles are favored by nearly a touchdown tonight.  The Falcons are banged up and lost their 3rd offensive lineman last week.  Tough duty for any football team, let alone a Class A high school football team.

Underwood is a solid team with good players who create turnovers (7 in 3 games).  They're going to spread you out and throw it, A LOT.  Long gone are the SA vs Underwood pound it out on the ground games.  Birds and balls will be flying tonight...

Lo-Ma had a great recipe to beat the Falcons.  Ball control and ground and pound.  Will Underwood deviate from their success last week and try the same as the Panthers?

Tonight, the Falcons have just enough athletes and take a cue from the Saintes and comeback to win...


Charlie Narmi Co-Founder and current volunteer
St. Albert Alumni & Friends President


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