Saint Albert Calendar, PreSchool, and Staffing Updates

Posted: 07/26/2018 - by Charlie Narmi

Saint Albert Families & Friends:


As Summer slips away, it’s time to begin providing regular updates.  This week’s updates focus calendar, preschool, and staffing changes.


Saint Albert Pre-K4 thru 12th grade will begin 2018-19 classes on Thursday, August 23rd.


Last year’s fire damage and harsh winter weather caused the Saint Albert calendar committee to offer an updated calendar that proposed starting school on Wednesday, 8/22/18.  

While that was a reasonable plan to build a few more hours into the school year, school administration and area board members discovered that Iowa Law specifies that no public

or non-public school may begin the new school year before August 23rd.  Accordingly, Saint Albert Pre-K4 thru 12th grade courses will begin 2018-19 on Thursday, August 23rd

with a full day of school.


A special note regarding Pre-K3 programs.  Those students scheduled for M/W Pre-K3 will still begin their new school year on the morning of Wednesday, August 22nd at 8:30 AM.  

T/Th Pre-K3 students will have their first session on Thursday, August 23rd at 8:30 AM.


Saint Albert Catholic Schools Staffing  Updates for 2018-19.


New Teacher (Previous School) Saint Albert Teaching Assignment


Tom Harm (Glenwood HS) 6-12th Grade Resource


Mark Meyer (CB-TJHS) Math


Ellen Tjaden (k-12 Music Hershey, NE) 6-12th Grade Vocal Music


Elyzabeth Jacobs (CB-TJHS/UNO) 6-12th Grade Business & Technology


Jeremy Hulshizer, STEM Coordinator Also HS Science, Math, Engineering

Physics, Physical Science,  & STREAM


Ruth Lewis (IWCC Math Faculty) College Credit Calc I & Pre-Calc/Trig

Tara Sommerville (Buena Vista University) 6-12th Grade Counseling  


Jonna Andersen (Saint Albert Business Dept.) Part/Time Middle & High School Coordinator


Bobby Reisz (Saint Albert Coach/Subst Tchr) Part-time PE & Health


Michelle Oswald (IWCC Adjunct English) College Credit Comp I & Comp II


Timothy Radermacher (Luther College) 5-12th Grade Band/Instrumental Music


A couple of gentle reminders to students and parents as Saint Albert transitions to new middle and high school teachers.  Departing teachers have attempted to create plans and coordinate

arrangements for the coming school year as they transition to their professional lives beyond Saint Albert.   New teacher contracts begin in August, and some new faculty members are still

searching for living arrangements in the Council Bluffs area.


As the new year approaches, the old staff, new teachers, and various colleagues are helping students and parents put things in order for the coming year.  You’re welcome to share questions

with school administration as they emerge, and we’ll work with our old and new colleagues to help you.


Details regarding Back-to-School and orientation events will be coming soon . . .


God Bless,


David M. Schweitzer


Head of Saint Albert Schools



Know that your heart is given to you and needs to be handed on . . . 


David M. Schweitzer                           

President, Saint Albert Catholic Schools


400 Gleason Avenue

Council Bluffs, IA 51503


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