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Posted: 10/06/2017 - by Charlie Narmi

I've been away for a few days so I don't have much to add than what you've already read.  I will say this though, this is going to be a challenge tonight.  SW Valley is for real.  We saw them up close and personal last year in Corning.

SW Valley is feisty with their cut blocking here, there and everywhere... They also aren't afraid of the Falcons.  Yes, St. Albert won 33-0 last year, but this is a group that truly believes they can win tonight.

The Falcons haven't been tested this year and for the most part have kept up their intensity despite lopsided scores.  They're a great group of young men and they have kept their focus.

Tonight they'll need to turn their smiles upside down.  I still think they're a little soft up the middle on the defensive side.  Not a rip or chide, but look at the Earlham game a few weeks ago on Al Leber Field - Earlham rushed for almost 250 yards, and many of those yards came on long, sustained drives against the Falcons starters. Just sayin'...

However, the Falcons simply have too many weapons.  Yes, weather can be a great equalizer.  However, put the Falcons getting the ball to guys in one on one situations and that turf can be like a sheet of ice against guys with quickness...

I still haven't mentioned a player by name in this column this year - too special of a GROUP.

Tonight is the stuff of dreams... Unbeatens, home field, etc...

The Falcons make it memorable and eventually figure it out and...

Win 38-14

Charlie Narmi Volunteer & Co-Founder
St. Albert Alumni & Friends President


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